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God has given us a place of influence in the Upstate!

The Upstate Church Collective (UCC) exists to encourage and equip leaders with the character and competency for faithful, lifelong ministry. God's not only calling us to steward our influence and resources well, but he's also inviting us to shape the future of the church in our region by raising up new leaders for the church of tomorrow.

The Upstate continues to grow, introducing new domestic and international businesses and residents. The impact is a swelling population while looking increasingly secular. America's post-Christian trajectory has never been more apparent. Research suggests we've experienced a decline in church attendances that was initially expected to take more than a decade. Instead, it's happening right now!

The Church in our region must step into the movement of raising up the next generation of leaders who can be faithful, countercultural witnesses of Jesus and the life he offers.

Multiplying a faithful, diverse gospel presence starts with raising up healthy, competent, pioneering leaders who will innovate and contextualize the gospel for every corner of the Upstate.

The Upstate Church Collective is committed to raising up leaders with the following initiatives:

Churches that share the DNA of Fellowship Greenville and Summit Church will reach different geographies throughout the region.

Churches that share the DNA of Fellowship Greenville and Summit Church will reach those of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds, as well as the unchurched and de-churched in the region.

Re-orientating existing people toward a new vision and strategy to reach their neighborhoods with the good news of the gospel.

Partnering with existing pastors and like-minded churches in the area around the shared vision to reach every corner of the Upstate with the good news of the gospel.

For more information regarding this initiative, listen to the audio resource below or head to!