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Bible Reading Plan

One of our core values is understanding God’s Word. In 2019, we're asking you to join us in reading through the New Testament, starting January 28, using the YouVersion Mobile App.

This year we're reading for distance more than depth, so give yourself grace. The objective is deepening your relationship with Christ as you read God's perfect, inspired Word. Another great feature of YouVersion is the audio option, so you can listen in your car or wherever you are during the day.

Why it matters


  1. Download the YouVersion App on iTunes and Google Play.
  2. Sign Up and Create a Free Account
  3. Or if you're using a computer, go to YouVersion's website, and select PLANS.
  4. In the search bar in the top right, enter the phrase "the Bible project"
  5. Scroll through the search results and select  "The Bible Project: New Testament in One Year"
  6. Select "Start This Plan" (if you aren't signed in, it will prompt you to do so here)
  7. You can add friends to read with you and choose privacy levels (visible to friends or private)
  8. If you get behind and want to reset, select three horizontal dots in the top right corner on the New Testament in One Year page
  9. Or, select "Catch Me Up" to reset the days you've missed

If you'd like to view an instructional video of how to start this plan, click here.