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Childcare Worker

The ideal candidate demonstrates love for children and is able to provide safe and nurturing care for children, is at least 16-years old and is able to work various hours throughout the week.

Main Objective: Provide a safe, caring environment for children whose parents are participating in ministry-related events.

Job Description:
  • Provide safe, nurturing supervision for children
  • Demonstrate love and compassion for children
  • Ensure all childcare processes and procedures are executed
  • Meet the age criteria of at least 16-years old
  • Remain focused on children under care
  • Able to wear a face-covering due to COVID-19
Critical Skills: Applicants must be at least 16-years old and available to work several hours on weekday mornings and/or Sunday evenings.

Other Performance Expectations:
  • Be an active and growing member of Fellowship Greenville.
  • Practice and growing in Fellowship Greenville's Cultural Behaviors

Thrive on Team
Strive for excellence
Bring passion
Keep hands open
Live healthy

Reports To: Registered Childcare Director
Relates Closely To: Registered Childcare Director
Job Status: part-time as needed throughout the week; usually week-day mornings and/or Sunday evenings

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