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Martens : Franz & Kristie

In the summer of 2017, Franz and Kristie moved to Germany to establish a hosted Oasis for Global Workers. Working together with Life Impact Ministries, the Oasis is a private home with room for families to stay for up to 7 days to experience rest and restoration. The Martens offer Pastoral Counseling and Life Coaching with the goal of preventing ministry burnout.

The Martens began their missionary service in 1996, serving with an organization specializing in church planting in the most remote and unreached parts of the world. They have served in Papua New Guinea as a family and have served in a short-term capacity in other countries. 

Upon resigning in 2012 with burnout, Franz started a home repair company and Kristie worked for an accounting firm in Panama City Beach, FL. After several years of healing and recovery, they recognized the need to provide care ministries to missionaries and pastors close to their areas of ministry. They joined Life Impact Ministries in 2016 and went back into full-time ministry. 

The Martens have 3 grown children and one grandchild living in the United States. 

Way to Pray: When people enter our Oasis with many concerns and cares that are weighing them down, sometimes it’s easy to take on their burden as our own. Pray for our effectiveness which stems from our own personal relationships with Jesus. Pray for our grown children’s relationships with Christ. 

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