Varga : Istvan & Vica

Since 2011, Istvan Varga has been serving as the pastor of a small rural church in Toalmas, Hungary. Prior to pastoring Toalmas Baptist Church full time, Istvan served with Word of Life MInistries in Hungary. Istvan and Vica were married in 2006 and have three children, Jazmin, Ruben, and Eszter. Vica is an accomplished vocalist who has recorded a number of worship CDs used widely in Hungary. They are thrilled to be able to use their gifts as a team.

Way to Pray: Istvan and Vica ask for prayer for their son Ruben's salvation. They pray he would come to know and love the Lord. Please also pray for the Varga's Church as they look for a building that will fit their congregation well. Finally, please pray for all of the newcomers in their church to become fully integrated members.