Shepperson : Zac & Kim

Zac and Kim Shepperson first experienced Slovakia with their Fellowship Greenville youth group in the summer of 1999, while on a short-term mission trip to the capital city of Bratislava. Their heart has always been for young people, and so it wasn't too surprising when God called them into the movement He began in Eastern Europe through Josiah Venture. God led them back to Slovakia to serve full-time in 2001 with their two girls, Emili and Gwyneth. They now have four children: Emili, Gwyneth, Samuel and Hampton. They work with Kompas Training Center (Josiah Venture's partner organization in Slovakia), training young leaders through a leadership school, conferences, and camps. They live in Zilina and serve in their local church as elder and teachers.

Way to Pray: Please pray for Zac and Kim as they continue to balance busy ministry life and personal life. Their oldest daughter, Emili, will be starting her junior year this fall and Gwyneth will be starting her freshman year at Calvin College. Please pray for Zac and Kim as they adjust to both of their daughters being away from home. Please also pray for Samuel and Hampton's continued schooling. The Sheppersons are also praying that another 10 people will be added to their church family in the next six months. 

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