Sundays: 9 & 11am LATEST MESSAGE

May 04, 2019 to May 18, 2019
Athens, Greece
Contact team leader Paul Todd at with any questions. Even if you have applied for a previous FG Short-term trip, please make sure to carefully review all application fields to ensure that we have the most up-to-date information.

Applications accepted from October 01, 2018 to February 01, 2019.

Since 2006, Fellowship Greenville has been sending teams to Athens, Greece to work in partnership with the Athens Refugee Center (ARC). During this time, the Athens team has served refugees well by loving on the missionaries who care for them day in and day out and helping out with their daily tasks. During the week, the team will have the opportunity encourage the missionaries by fellowshipping over dinners out and they will also have a chance to complete tasks that include deep cleaning the center, preparing meals, sorting through donations, and more. Taking these tasks off of the missionaries plates for a few weeks allows the missionaries to engage in deepening relationships with the refugees in the center. Over the years, we've built such deep relationships with the missionaries that they anticipate our team's arrival each year. 

While there, the team also gets the opportunity to participate in different programming that is offered to the refugees, such as Bible studies, spa days, and more.

The number of refugees in Athens continues to grow. This trip gives us a small glimpse into their life post-emigration and the various obstacles refugees might face in a new country and allows team members the opportunity to show great love in the midst of uncertainty.

From May 4-19, a team of adults will care for the ARC missionaries and the refugees they care for at the center. The cost of this trip is $2,600, which includes airfare, transportation, lodging, medical insurance, and food. Upon approval of application, trip participants are responsible for a 10% non-refundable deposit. Participants are also responsible for any meals and snacks purchased in airports and for any souvenirs they wish to purchase. Additional cost may include an up-to-date passport and any shots the participant chooses to get.

Note, this trip does include a lot of walking and being on your feet a majority of the day.