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Acts 17:1-15 Turning People's Lives Upside Down

Charlie Boyd - 12/6/2015

We continue in our series, Acts: To Be Continued, with Charlie Boyd, Teaching Pastor, preaching on Acts 17:1-15. In Acts, Luke shows Jesus’ friends continuing the kingdom mission that Jesus started in his earthly life and ministry. The Book of Acts is all about Jesus’ followers continuing his mission in the world. We are the ones God has entrusted with carrying the message of Jesus forward. In our message this week, Paul and Silas are turning the world upside down by showing people from the Old Testament Scriptures how the crucified and risen Jesus is the true Messiah of Israel and Savior of the World. We will learn that God has called us as His church to live on mission with Jesus in a way that turns the world around us upside down too.