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Acts 16:1-10 Following the Spirit's Lead

Charlie Boyd - 11/1/2015

We continue in our series, Acts: To Be Continued, with Charlie Boyd, Teaching Pastor, preaching on Acts 16:1-10. In Acts, Luke shows Jesus’ friends continuing the kingdom mission that Jesus started in his earthly life and ministry. The Book of Acts is all about Jesus’ followers continuing his mission in the world. We are the ones God has entrusted with carrying the message of Jesus forward. We all face times of uncertainty, especially when we have important decisions to make. In order to understand what it means to discern God's will and follow the Spirit's leadership in our lives, we must realize that the Spirit can lead in a variety of ways. These ways can be unpredictable, but we can be confident that he will make things clear when they need to become clear. The key to discerning God's will is deciding ahead of time that in however the Spirit leads, we will follow.