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Acts 14:24-28 Declare His Glory Among the Nations

Jim Thompson - 10/4/2015

We continue in our series, Acts: To Be Continued, with Jim Thompson, Equipping Pastor, preaching on Acts 14:24-28. In Acts, Luke shows Jesus’ friends continuing the kingdom mission that Jesus started in his earthly life and ministry. The Book of Acts is all about Jesus’ followers continuing his mission in the world. We are the ones God has entrusted with carrying the message of Jesus forward. In this message, we are reminded that while the mission includes sharing the gospel with those around us, it also includes sharing it with those in the far-reaching corners of the earth where there is little to no gospel presence. In addition, we should also declare and celebrate what God is doing through us and others. This means that our mission entails personal surrender to a great God, attempting great things for him in order to declare his glory among the nations.