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Acts 12 Adversity

Acts: To Be Continued

Charlie Boyd - 6/7/2015

We continue in our series, Acts: To Be Continued. Charlie Boyd, Teaching Pastor and Directional Leader, preaches on Acts 12. In Acts, Luke shows Jesus’ friends continuing the kingdom mission that Jesus started in his earthly life and ministry. The Book of Acts is all about Jesus’ followers continuing his mission in the world. We are the ones God has entrusted with carrying the message of Jesus forward. We learn in Acts 12, now that Jews and Gentiles are coming together as one church through faith in Christ, that they are beginning to experience a much greater level of persecution than ever, and much greater adversity. Like us today, these early Christians had many unanswered questions about what they were experiencing. We have to learn to surrender those unanswered questions and place our trust in the Lord.