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EPIC Retreat

Origin stories are magnetic. In some ways, they are irresistible. The beginnings of people or movements pull us in towards curiosity, history, and possibilities. But what is our origin story as followers of Jesus? Have you ever wondered about that? Think beyond the reality that you probably became familiar with Jesus due to your family, culture, or geography. How did Jesus even come to the United States? How did this movement begin? When did it start spreading on a global scale? What obstacles or challenges stood in the way? This year, EPIC is all about the origin story of Christianity - those who follow Jesus. In the beginning, it was a grassroots movement, knit together through diverse communities of people who wholeheartedly leaned into the Spirit of God, sharing the good news of Jesus in word and action. Their lives were so different and it was like nothing the world had ever seen. The Gospel advanced through every barrier imaginable. If you’ve ever wondered where it all began, how it spread, or what your part in the story is today, then EPIC is for you. Come and discover your origin story with us.

Our student pastor, Matt Densky, will be unfolding this theme with our students throughout the weekend. This will be a time for middle and high school students to get away from everyday distractions, really focus on growing in their relationship with God all while having an unforgettably amazing time at camp. Join us Labor Day weekend for an incredible opportunity of physical and spiritual rest, loads of fun, and a unique opportunity to jumpstart our student’s faith as they enter into the new school year. We hope to see you there!

Event dates: Saturday, September 5 - Monday, September 7
Event location: Woodlands Camp, Cleveland GA 
Transportation: We will be taking buses to and from Fellowship Greenville to Woodlands Camp. Drop off, from 7:00-7:30 am, and pick up, from 4:15-4:45, are at Fellowship Greenville. 
Event Cost: Early Bird Discount of $160 a student if registered by July 17, which includes all activities and food. Pay full price, $185 a student, after July 17 until August 9. Pay late fee of $210 a student if registered after August 9 until August 19.
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Woodlands Camp - Cleveland, GA

Date / Time
  • Saturday, 09/05/20 @ 6:15 AM