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Community Group Experience

Everyone wants to feel connected. We want to know we belong, that we’re loved and accepted...and that our friends will be there for us when we’re down.

And we want to be that kind of friend to others. 

The problem is, it’s not always easy getting plugged in at church. Sure, everyone’s friendly on Sundays, but sometimes it just feels like something’s missing.  

We get busy and don’t take time to invest in relationships like we know we should. And sometimes when we try, it’s hard to click with people in a way that feels right. 

We get it. We face all the same struggles. And while we realize it isn’t always easy, with over 90 community groups and hundreds of people who’ve grown, changed, and been there for one another in the hardest of times, we know that’s what God wants for us.  

Finding a rhythm of relationships built on love, honesty, and trust takes time, but life is so much better connected. 

That’s why, starting on February 23, we’re launching a six-session community group experience to discuss what it looks like to find that rhythm in our lives. 

Come connect with us and with others who want the same things as you.  

We look forward to seeing you Sunday night, February 23. 

Childcare is available for children birth through 5th grade. A link to register will be provided on the last page of registration and in your confirmation email.

Registration closed on Friday, September 6, 2019

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