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Piedmont Women's Center Night for Life

Come celebrate life with Piedmont Women’s Center on September 29 for a night of life and laughs featuring comedian Michael Jr.!

Piedmont Women’s Center recognizes that the last two years have been a little stressful for everyone and in an effort to bring joy back into our community, they want to invite your family to a night that celebrates life and family.

Piedmont Women’s Center is a faith-based, pro-life non-profit that has been serving women through health care in the Upstate for over 30 years by offering free pregnancy services, free women’s health services, free child loss support services, and free programs on parenting and faith. Piedmont Women’s Center comes alongside each client during her time of need, equipping her with hope and empowering her to choose life.

Fellowship Greenville has six free spots available for this event! If you are interested in utilizing one of those spots, contact Jana Johnson.

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