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Sharing Your Gifts - Curt & Mari Kruse

by Curt Kruse & Mari Kruse

We started coming to Fellowship Greenville when we moved here in 2016. Our daughter already lived here, and when we visited her, we visited Fellowship Greenville, so it was an easy transition to attend and become members here. We love worshipping beside her, her husband, her four children, and our grandchildren. We’ve always had a heart to serve, and when we arrived in 2016, we started looking for ways to serve here. Part of that is an expectation of God blessing us to, in turn, bless others. But secondly, we’ve found that through serving, we get to know others much better. And so, being new here, we felt that was our opportunity to get to know more people at Fellowship Greenville. One of those first opportunities was being a part of the First Impressions Team, and we’ve continued to serve on the Safety Team.

We enjoy serving on that team on Sunday mornings, keeping the congregation safe, and caring for any medical concerns. By stepping in to serve, we’ve been given so many local and global opportunities to put the love of Jesus on display. We’ve seen many lives changed through disaster and medical relief, and on one specific occasion, we led someone to Christ by working with Samaritan’s Purse. Serving here at FG is a great place to start, and that can lead you to find opportunities to serve outside the walls of the church.

Curt: I worked at UPS for 37 years, and that took me away from Mari a lot. In fact, immediately after two of our children were born, I was sent on new assignments, and Mari was at home with our children, with one of them just being born. Once I was able to retire, I felt like a great opportunity for us to spend more time together, and what better way to spend time together than to go and serve others?

Mari:Serving is something Curt and I can do together, and through that, we have common goals. Sometimes, it’ll be his idea or come from an interaction he had, but I always know there will be something I can do to help others. Whether it’s serving with World Relief and helping out with grocery shopping, transportation, playing with kids, or just building relationships, I love every opportunity we get to share the love of Jesus.

So, how does our story fit into God’s story? You might think, “Well, I don’t have those specific gifts and abilities. I don’t know what it is that I could do,” we would just encourage you to have conversations with other people here because there are so many tremendous needs. And through your own life experiences and knowledge, sometimes God may call you to step outside of that. That’s where prayer comes in, where maybe you don’t necessarily have a specific, natural gift, but if that’s what God calls you to do, he’ll equip you to get the job done. Your gifts can be your gifts, but don’t keep them to yourselves. Share them with others.

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