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Heavenly Perspective - Beth's Story

by Beth Alexander

I was raised Catholic, and back in 2002, I attended a charismatic Catholic Church. I only went to church on a Sunday morning because it was what we were supposed to do. One Sunday, I arrived early for some time to pray, and when I looked up at the crucifix and saw the eyes of Jesus fixed on me, I was overwhelmed by his love for me. I kept thinking, he laid down his life for me, and I can’t even give up something like a cigarette. I started to cry while the organ began playing the old hymn, How Great Thou Art. I have sung this song so many times before, but never like this. The words came to life and had a whole new meaning, piercing my soul, and I sobbed even more. People started to notice because a Catholic service is filled with rituals and a lot of "going through the motions."

The next day, the birds were singing, the flowers smelled better. I was seeing the world differently and didn’t know why because we were never taught about salvation. Later that day, my sister-in-law called me and asked what was new, and I told her about crying in church. She said, "Beth Ann, you have been saved!" My brother and sister-in-law came up the next weekend and took me to a Bible-based church! Having other Christians around helped me learn, grow and to help and encourage others. Surrounding yourself with Christian friends is so important! The Lord is teaching me now that Jesus is in us and we are seated with him high above, and this is the place from where we need to pray with a heavenly perspective. Today, I volunteer on the Prayer and Crisis 800-line, and as the Holy Spirit teaches me, the Lord gives me calls whereby I can teach others and share what the Lord has shown me. I feel I am more blessed sometimes than those I pray for. God is so good and so faithful!

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