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Slow Down and Rest in Him

by Jenny Bennett

The "new normal". We have heard it so many times this year that my eyes roll just thinking about it. Like everyone else, our family had so many plans this year that never came to fruition. I found myself discouraged and disappointed that so many things we were looking forward to weren't going to happen. I didn't want a "new normal". I liked how life was already. But I needed a "new normal" more than I ever realized. We were so busy going from activity to activity that we never took the time to regroup and recharge. I eventually started trying to look at the positive things that came from this year. We were able to tackle some home improvement projects that always seemed to stay on the back burner due to our crazy schedules. Our son came home from college for Spring Break and stayed through the summer. We had family dinners nightly, not just for special occasions. We had conversations that went deeper than just what we were doing the next day. Anyone that knows me, knows I like to stay busy and don't really know what to do with myself if I don't have several things going on at once. God has shown me through all of this, that not only is it good to slow down, but necessary. He reminds me time and time again, that life is much more than just crossing things off a "to do" list, but the relationships we have with others.