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Give It To God

by Jason Anderson

I’ve been at Fellowship Greenville for seven years now. Although the years seem to go by fast at this point in life, I feel that a lot has changed, both personally and in my family life. Our son has entered high school this year and our daughter continues through middle school. My wife and I have faced challenges like most parents of dealing with the changing dynamics of kids as they grow up, as well as taking time for ourselves and marriage. Personally, turning 40 a few years ago, I always laughed at talk of the mid-life crisis. That will never happen to me. Surprise, surprise. It did. No new cars (I’m cheap) or crazy adventure (time and oh yeah, money), but the mental struggles have been there. But when things slow down and I reflect more on it, I can’t imagine going through these or really life itself without the rock of Christ to fall on. Whatever it is, whatever the struggle, we can give it to God. I’m so thankful for my parents taking me to church and for those that have had an influence throughout my life. I’ve had plenty of ups and downs in my Christian walk. Straying away and coming back, but looking back I don’t hold onto those mistakes. I know I’m forgiven. Life is a continual growth process. I’m so thankful for those individuals and church families that have invested in me along the way. I can appreciate now, even more, looking can’t do it alone.

Fellowship has been a true blessing for me and my family. The student ministry is unbelievable, and it has been inspiring and encouraging to see people so excited for Jesus and finding such engaging and creative ways to connect with our youth. I’m as encouraged and strengthened by it as my kids are and have been thankful to be a part of it as a volunteer for the last few years. I’m also very thankful for our church leadership and teaching. Modeling God’s love and especially GRACE is often missing in the “church”, but I am so thankful for how our church brings such an intense focus to it. I continue to pray for the strength and empowerment to practice it in my own life.

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