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God Is Good And Trustworthy

by Allison Walker

I could write about so many lessons I have learned during this season in life. One of the lessons began at the age of nine and has been ongoing; I have understood my desperate need for Jesus. As I get older, this need often shifts on a moment to moment basis. This has been helpful during these trying times that we are living in. I am constantly going to Him and asking for intervention and direction. I am praying for others often during these times of uncertainty.

One truth that my heart, mind and soul meditates on throughout the day is that I know the One who sits on the Throne. Period. End of story. My worries can be cast upon Him because He is good and trustworthy. When I find my mind lingering or gravitating toward any type of fear, I run to Jesus. I talk to Him. I ask Him for His truth. I ask Him to guide me. I want to walk well with Him, empowered by the Holy Spirit and dependent on my Father. That is where help comes from. That is where peace comes from. 

Another lesson that I am growing in is how to extend grace to others who don’t necessarily agree with me. This has been the case with the mask vs. no mask movement. I have genuinely been baffled by the division and hostility between believers. I have cried out to God and asked him to guide my steps and my heart. I want to be gracious like Jesus is. Jesus was often intentional and engaging with the Pharisees, who did not agree with Him, but was also gracious. It was gracious of Jesus to slow down and engage on that level. I want this to be how I treat others and how I respond to others.

Lastly, but certainly not the last lesson to learn during this season, is the beautiful lessons I have learned with my teenage kids. We have spent a lot of time together. While the world tells us to raise our kids to be independent when they leave the home, God has called me to raise kids that are radically dependent on Him. I am so thankful for the special extra time that I have been given with them. I do not take those moments for granted. Our talks about Jesus, the Holy Spirit and our Heavenly Father have been organic and not forced. I am in awe of God even more because He has been moving this story along. I just get invited to participate!

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