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Fruitful Growth

by Joy Reimann

In the midst of this season of life, I personally feel like the Lord has been revealing to me the value of growth. Personally, I am a person who loves to plan things and I am always doing things. Throughout this season of life I have had the ability to rest in the Lord through worship, His overwhelming presence, and the Gospel. With this rest, I have been able to receive more fruitful growth in my knowledge. Growth in my knowledge of who Jesus is, what my life should look like as someone who is abiding with the presence of the Holy Spirit, how to love others better and knowledge about how important community is. 

 I think that is so important to have this season of being still and resting. I have found that when I grow to understand who God is, I begin to understand who I am as His image bearer. I have begun to understand the fruits I am able to bear when I am remaining in Him. I have learned the importance of my relationship with the Lord and how that is something designed to be implemented in our daily lives. 

 Through this understanding I am able to experience more of a peace from the Holy Spirit. I have been able to see the smaller victories the Lord sets before me each day! Find the little joys and goodness that the Lord is using for His glory. 

 This season of rest, can oftentimes be viewed as a very lonely season for most people, but having my personal time with the Lord I have felt more filled than ever before. I am able to trust in the Lord's faithfulness in my highest highs and lowest lows. No matter the circumstance I am facing, He is at work for my good. 

 Overall, I have grown in my identity as a Child of God and am excited to start preparing more for my future college season with this new perspective and knowledge I have obtained in this time. 

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