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Spirit Lead Me

by Tanner Springgate

The past couple of months have felt like a monsoon of change and learning. I've felt the Spirit lead me to engage with issues and movements I once felt were too big to wrap my mind around. It can be scary and overwhelming to know that God wants to use His people to spread His love and justice in our communities, especially when it might shake us from our comfort to do so.

Jesus' parable of the Good Samaritan from the book of Luke has been placed at the forefront of my mind. I realize how quickly I've labeled myself as the Samaritan when I so often am the Priest, I am the Levite. I have chosen to carry on with my daily schedule without heeding the cry of my neighbor. 

It's so beautiful how often Jesus stopped along His path and listened to the hurting and broken. It's intimidating to know that I am called to do the same but... I have a peace that the Spirit will provide everything I need to love as He loves.