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Limitless God - Breanne's Story

by Breanne Nelson

"Over the past month God has been showing me that He is not limited by my expectations. Something that I thought I already knew really well, but obviously don’t quite get it yet! My high expectations for this summer suddenly didn’t have anything to attach themselves to, and I subconsciously felt that God had put me on hold for this summer. Of course I didn’t think there was that much unbelief in my heart, but this doubt was constantly feeding my thoughts. So obviously... I for sure needed a heart check! How small do I think our God is? Is He big enough to handle the universe, yet too small to make something of my weird and somewhat unwanted summer? God was not and is not choosing apathy this summer because His plans got canceled. But I found myself living like He was sitting in heaven scratching his head along with me, trying to figure out what to make of this time... that’s definitely not the right picture!

So yes, maybe I can’t serve God in the ways I had expected, but God is continuing to show me that He didn’t choose to throw me aside until the Fall when He can use me again. That’s so far from the truth!! The gospel is still just as urgent and God is still working in crazy ways that I can’t comprehend. He continues to show me that He has a more beautiful story than I could ever come up with and that He is not (and has never been!) limited to my expectations. He has still made me to dance in His freedom and sing of His name even in the unknown." - Breanne N.

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