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Sovereign Over Us - Julie's Story

by Julie Mitchell

"This season was unexpected for all of us. I was definitely fearful initially, even though I tried not to show it, especially to our four kids. I really struggled not so much for my family but for those around me missing out on graduation, spring sports, visiting their elderly family members, those in the hospital without family, and so on. Also, I was just anxious about the unknown. But I got to a point where I was better. I knew God was in control in my head, but it took time for my heart to catch up. 

During this time, God has provided some unexpected surprises, including some financial concerns lessened. But the one area I feel I have learned the most from is helping my kids with their school work. It has made me appreciate their teachers/schools much more, but it also has helped me understand better how my kids learn. Our daughter has hearing loss that has impacted her education, so at first, I was really worried about her keeping up, but with the help of her teachers and myself figuring out the best ways to help her, she is doing great despite this drastic change. 

In fact, the quarantine has strengthened all their relationships. And honestly, they have all handled the quarantine life better than me. I think it's easy to fear a drastic negative change in life will bring only sorrow, but I know there are so many great things that will come of it. I can't help but think of the lyrics from 'Sovereign Over Us.' The whole song is amazing, but this section is definitely a good take away 'Even what the enemy means for evil You turn it for our good You turn it for our good and Your glory.'" - Julie M.

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