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Letting Go

by Nate Lawton

Despite being raised in a wonderful Christian home and hearing the truth of the gospel often and regularly, there was an area in my personal life that I had no idea how to surrender or overcome. It brought anxiety, fear, and feelings of inferiority that surfaced frequently and affected everything. It had been a burden for as long as I could remember. This particular day I was struggling very badly, and I was journaling and praying. Afterward, I called a friend of mine. God used my friend to speak to me. In a momentary conversation, God allowed my eyes to be opened and allowed me to loosen my grip of control on my life. At that moment, I felt overwhelming joy and excitement and relief that I have not felt before. I have always struggled with managing things, people, relationships, along with striving to prove that I had value, meaning, and purpose. I realized I had been trying to be the hero of my story and that I was trying to write my story. Instead of trust God to caringly narrate my life. It's been a joy to be able to let go and trust God.