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Pergamum: God’s People in Satan’s City

Jason Malone - 9/17/2023


Scripture: Revelation 2:12-17

In a “tolerance is king” culture, we read the words of Jesus to the church of Pergamum. I believe these are timely words for us in our current cultural moment. Christ Followers in Pergamum stood as the exact reverse of what we saw with the church in Ephesus. Whereas, in Ephesus, the church emphasized truth to the point they had abandoned love and were pursuing a cold orthodoxy, but in Pergamum, they had not abandoned the faith, but they had grown lazy in the name of tolerance disguised as love and allowed ethical, moral and theological falsehoods to grow and spread throughout the congregation. 


  • Tolerance in the name of “love” is valued more than loving each other with truth.
  • Lord, where am I minimizing sin in my own life?
  • Lord, where am I rationalizing indifference or tolerance cloaked in “love” towards others, who I have relational capital with, who aren’t walking in the truth? 

“Jesus, and only Jesus, will be the sustenance of our body and soul for all of eternity. On him alone shall we spiritually feed and draw strength. He is the source of our ongoing and eternal life. We are forever dependent on the infusion of his grace and mercy.” Sam Storms

  • The church in Pergamum faced cultural and political pressures on every side. Jesus declares that their city is the place where Satan’s throne dwelt. These believers hold to the truth’s of Jesus, but they allow the cultural pressures to dictate what they ultimately believed to be true.
  • The church is commended for its witness in the face of persecution, rebuked for its compromise, and exhorted to repent and stand firm in the truth.
  • A clear and compelling call to contend for Truth.

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