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How to Build Your Kid's Faith in Jesus

In the early years of development, children’s minds are open and ready to learn. We often remind our Kid's team here at Fellowship Greenville: As a small group leader, on average, you have only 40 hours each year to influence a child, whereas a parent has around 3,000 hours to influence their child's life. Therefore, as the primary influencer of your child's faith, you have a great opportunity to start building your child’s faith. As the church, we want to come alongside you as you teach the gospel to your child.

The following resources are resources we utilize on Sunday mornings and always recommend to parents:

  1. God’s Story for Me Bible, The Beginner’s Bible, Jesus Storybook Bible, Read with Me Bible
    • On Sunday mornings, we read Bible stories from a few different Children's Bible books. These books are a great resource for introducing the main stories to your children.
  2. Big Theology for Little Hearts Series
    • Author Devon Provencher and his wife Jessica gathered big theological ideas from the Bible and broke them down into simple definitions with illustrations. The series includes God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Creation, The Church, and The Gospel. This series gives your child a great foundation of biblical truths and can spark essential conversations for your child’s faith.
  3. Near: Psalm 139
    • For your little babies, this book is great for biblical truths from Psalm 139. The book is padded and soft, which is great for babies. This book gives the opportunity to read the gospel over your baby.
  4. Say & Pray Devotions
    • This is a great daily devotional when your children are beginning to talk. It combines learning from daily experiences with biblical principles. It’s a great stepping stone to provide moments of prayer with your little one.
  5. I Am: 40 Reasons to Trust God
    • This book takes 40 different names for God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit and breaks them down into kid-friendly language. Each section includes a description of the name’s significance, prayer, and scripture verses. It’s a great launching point to share the many wonderful names of our God. 

There are many resources we could add to the list, but these are some of our favorites. Utilize these resources or your own favorite resources during the times you already have with your kids, such as bedtime, dinner time, or when your child asks for a story. This will help you not to feel as if you need to add more time to your day, and instead, you are just being a little more intentional with the time you already have. Remember, you are the primary model of Christ's love for your children. Love graciously, display your faith, and be present with your kids.

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Written by Sage Stevenson