Biblical Manhood

Look around - there seems to be growing confusion in our culture today around what it means to be a man. The basic meaning of manhood is being debated and redefined. As much as you might hate to admit it, you likely feel the tension of not having a solid answer to the question - What does it mean to be a man? We all know that feeling of failure as a man, but what if you had a clear definition of manhood that allowed you to move confidently towards greater purpose and direction? We believe when we discover and follow the biblical manhood modeled by Jesus it impacts our lives, families, and communities. But you can’t go it alone. You need the support and challenge of other men who are on the same journey to discover a clear path that leads to real Biblical Manhood.

Join us for Biblical Manhood as we go through Authentic Manhood's 33 The Series Volume 2. We are excited to dive into A Man and His Story through videos, discussions, and community. We will learn together what your God-given role as a man looks like and how your personal experiences prepare you for what's next in life.  

Registration closed on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

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