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What's our world like? What do you see on the news? It's pretty messed up, isn't it? How does that make you feel?

Most people ache for a better world. This universal ache speaks of something more. Just like hunger points to food and thirst points to water, so our universal ache for a better world means that such a world either once existed or one day will exist.

We believe God created a good, wonderful world. In the beginning, everything was right with everything else. The world and all that's in it was designed for God.

But what happened to that good world? How did we get to where we are today?

When God was in charge, we had a wonderful world. But we wanted to be in charge so that all of it—creation and everyone in it—could be used for our own benefit instead of its designed benefit. It became all about us.

We—and the world—are damaged by evil. We're all contributing to the mess and we all can see the damage in our own lives and in the lives around us. But, as James Choung explains in the video above, God loves the world too much to leave it this way. God came to the planet in the life of Jesus two thousand years ago. As Jesus confronted the powers that fracture our world, they executed him on a cross. But that cross became the turning point of history!

Jesus was God the Son. This means that when Jesus died on the cross, it was God himself absorbing the pain and violence separates us from God! We can live with God in a relationship of love and intimacy which over time transforms us from self-centered lives to lives reflecting the image of God.

The good news: the revolution has begun, and we're all invited. Jesus came to restore the world and everything in it for better. He wants us to join this resistance movement against evil, to go out and heal the world. Our participation—our relationship—with Jesus begins with a prayer like this one:

Jesus, I admit that I'm a mess and part of the mess of this world that's in rebellion against you. I have sinned against you and against others. I believe you died on the cross to forgive me of my sins. I believe you rose from the dead to make me right with God. Right now, I want You to know that I'm trusting you as my Savior. I want you to know my desire is to follow you all the days of my life. Thank you for giving me the gift of new life.

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