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Missing Peace

by Susan Pohto

 God, the Bible, religion, Jesus, church, the Holy Spirit, each one was an enigma most of my life. I believed God created us, loved us, had our best interests at heart and gifted me with every blessing I received. I sailed through life on the belief that if I tried to be a good person, if I was kind and caring and didn't intentionally hurt anyone, I would be good with God. I hadn't gone to church growing up. All I knew about Jesus, I learned through the carols we sang at Christmas time every year, a few days a VBS with a childhood friend, and a couple of Bible study classes after school.

As an adult, there were many times I pondered the meaning and purpose of life, why bad things happen to good people, why there was so much evil in this world, and looked to God. I sought answers in church a few times with friends but could just not relate to the message. I tried reading the Bible as well but was unsure if I was grasping its true intent. A "Bible for dummies," would really have helped me back then. When I didn't get the answers, I became discouraged and gave up. But God never gave up on me. He kept pursuing me, relentlessly. 

At the age of 60, when I was entering yet another decade, I took a serious assessment of my life. I felt in my heart that I had failed to find the most important piece to life's puzzle. As God would have it, He blessed me with a daughter-in-law who was a believer. She had introduced my son to church and to the gift of Jesus. They encouraged me to find that missing piece for myself. I started attending a contemporary church in my hometown. The worship music immediately spoke to my heart. The message was full of hope and relatable to this life. I learned that it wasn't about religion, but a personal relationship with Jesus. It was during a series called "Land of the Lost" (where I had been residing for a long, long time) that the "spirit" literally moved me out of my seat to kneel at the front of the church. Through tears, I prayed the prayer of commitment. I asked Jesus for forgiveness and to come into my heart and life. I accepted Him as my personal Lord and Savior. Jesus was my missing "peace." 

I enjoy coming to Fellowship Greenville whenever I am here visiting my family. It is my second church home. I am being baptized today, along with my son, as a public profession that I have put my trust and faith in Jesus Christ.


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